How a Professional Moving Company Can Help if Your Move Doesn’t Go As Planned 

Even in the best circumstances, moving to a new home is a chore. There’s all the planning and wrapping and packing to do before the big day. Then, when it is finally time to go, something always seems to go wrong. It can give you a headache just thinking about it. How do you prepare and handle all the stress and issues that come with a big move? Hire professional moving services in Greenville, SC.

Professional movers have seen it all. There’s practically nothing that can surprise them. They come specifically prepared for all the crazy, last-minute issues that can ruin your move. Here are some very common moving day mishaps and how professional movers can help you handle it all.

1) Not Being Prepared- Sure, you’ve made a list. You even checked it twice. Yet, somehow, you still didn’t think to get moving straps, or you’re short a blanket for your favorite rocking chair. If you want to protect your home from dents and dings before buyers move in, or you simply want to keep your furniture in one piece, leave it to the professionals.

Unlike most homeowners, professional movers will have everything you need to safely, swiftly, and seamlessly handle your move. They come equipped with straps, blankets, padding, packing, and every other thing you could need. Plus, after years of experience, they know just how to get that odd-shaped chair through your narrow doorway.

2) Injuries- All sorts of accidents happen during a move. Tripping over boxes or throwing out your back can upend your plans and send you on a detour to the E.R. When you leave your move to a reliable moving company in Greenville, SC, you can avoid injuries. Expert movers have uniforms and tools that help protect them from injury. They also lift heavy objects regularly while knowing how to handle even your most delicate treasures.

3) Illness- It’s moving day! You’re all packed and ready. You’ve got all your ducks in a row. You wake up, and, boom, out of nowhere, you have a fever. The room is spinning. Professional movers can pick up the slack while you rest. They have teams of experts who will show up when you can’t.

4) Weather Wrecks Your Plans- Bad weather can pop up out of the blue. Freak snowstorms, torrential rain, sweltering heat can make any move seem impossible. However, Greenville, SC, movers come prepared for any weather. They wear slip-resistant shoes and are ready to fight through most weather. If you have to postpone a move, a reliable moving company will also help you store your prized possessions until the weather passes.

5) Speedy Moves- Sometimes, you have to move right away. As stressful as this can be, the right moving company can help you overcome changes in scheduling. If your buyer needs to get into your home early, extra movers can be added to your original plan to help speed the process. Most moving companies offer both weekly and weekend options to fit your schedule.

6) Plans Fall Through- You might be ready to move, and the buyer’s financing falls through. Maybe you are already out of your house, but your new home isn’t ready. What can you do when you are caught in the middle of your old home and your new home? Many reputable moving companies have options to help you deal with unexpected plans. Make sure to ask potential movers if they offer temporary storage and options for quick moves.

7) Demanding Buyers- Sometimes, your potential buyers cause you more of a headache than the move. They look for the tiniest scruff on the sidewalk or demand the home be professionally cleaned, a day early. No matter what they want, a reputable moving company can help get your home ready and keep it looking beautiful.

8) Saving Money Matters- Moving from one home to another can be expensive. From packing supplies to moving trucks, the costs can quickly add up. Hiring a professional can help you stick to your budget. Many companies offer a variety of services and options that will fit your budget and your needs. Also, when you include the money you’d have spent on those supplies and possible injuries, you’re coming out way ahead.

Are you ready to try a stress-free move? Just call Greenville’s trusted moving company, The Moving Gurus. Our friendly and helpful team of experts are here to make moving a breeze. We can handle everything from the packing to the loading to the unloading, and everything in between. Call us today at 864-626-6264. We make moving a peaceful experience.

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