Information for Moving During A Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted the way people live and do things. It’s not business as usual. As days go by, new information emerges, and everyone has endless questions about moving during a pandemic. As the rule of thumb, people need to take all safety measures to avoid contracting the virus.

No matter the changes the pandemic has brought, life still goes on, and people can move whatever locations they had planned before or after the outbreak. The most crucial factor is to consider the additional steps to

Moving During the Coronovirus Pandemicmake when using a moving company in Greenville SC.

What to Consider When Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

There are various aspects to consider when moving during COVID. Whether the moving plan was distracted by the pandemic or not, this’s the best time to move un-hindered.  Following the right steps will make the process stress-free, and you’ll move to your planned location within the shortest time and, at the same time, staying safe.

  • Contact your local movers. Moving involves a lot of processes, and it’ll be vital to contact your mover in time. Inquire about the safety measures put in place during this Coronavirus pandemic. Greenville SC moving company implemented safety measures to safeguard the moving processes and are doing everything possible to protect the client’s health.

However, each mover has various safety measures, and you need to dig deeper and understand how safe you will be. Ask the mover questions before making the final decision. For instance, determine the precaution the mover has put in place to prevent the virus’s spread.

  • Protection measures for the drivers and the crew. The mover should advice you on the type of safety measures clients can take, and how they handled situations where a worker or customer has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Request for a moving quote- One of the best steps to prevent the virus’s spread using a long-distance moving company is by keeping social distance. So, the best way to get a quote from professional movers is by asking for a virtual quote.

Use various platforms to video-chat with your mover through a smartphone device and a strong internet connection. Let there be enough light in the room to get a clear picture of all details. During the chat, give clear visibility to your mover to see the cabinets and closets and know the items to move.

  • Buy all essential items before time- The moving period can be limited, and you won’t have enough time. As you prepare for the final stages, ensure you buy all the supplies you need to make the moving smooth. As you go to the store, buy all you need at once to avoid double trips.
  • Communicate earlier when you decide to re-schedule the move. Sometimes, changes are inevitable, and you can choose to postpone your move to a later date. That’s why it’s crucial to have booked with a flexible mover during these pandemic times. As you get the moving quote, find out the cancellation and refund policies.

Most movers have laid down policies and will gladly take the changes positive considering these uncertain times. Also, get a direct contact of the person you’ll be in touch with so that the cancellation or re-scheduling process runs swiftly.

  • Clean the belongings as you pack. Packing, disinfecting, and cleaning the items can be a tedious process. Before the pandemic, you could hire a professional cleaner to help you with the task, saving a lot of time. But right now, it’s not advisable to do that. You need to maintain safety at all levels, and the best way is to clean the items yourself.

Sanitize all belongings, small or big, wipe them clean and disinfect. You don’t need expensive sanitizer. You can create a solution of bleach and water at home.

What to Do Few Days before Moving during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The virus can last up to 24 hours on surfaces. That’s why you need to finish packing a day before your mover arrives. Even though the professional movers will have gloves while moving the items, it’s vital to pack and seal them a few hours before. However, if you don’t know how else to stay safe, familiarize yourself with WHO and CDC guidelines. Also, check out the guidelines below that can be helpful and facilitate a swift-moving process.

  • Inform your moving company in Greenville SC about the health status of your family concerning the Coronavirus pandemic. Safety begins with you. It’s vital to provide your mover with transparent information concerning all your family members’ health status. Let the mover know if you suspect any virus symptoms so that critical measures are put in place to protect the workers.
  • Give sanitizers and other cleaning items to your movers- Your local moving company in Greenville SC will need to clean and sanitize while moving things into the truck. Ensure you provide water, sanitizer, soap, and towels at the entrance. If the items are no sufficient, inform your mover so they can come along with more products.
  • Keep off used moving boxes. Using recycled boxes can pose a danger during these pandemic times. The virus can live on the surface for up to 24 hours. Stay away from free or old boxes and get new ones from the nearby store.
  • Cancel the move when under challenging circumstances. People prone to virus infections such as those over 60 years and people with underlying health conditions such as respiratory and cardiovascular health challenges. If you don’t feel safe, cancel or push the moving services to a later date and only proceed when you feel safe and comfortable.
  • Stay safe as you Move. As movers arrive at your home, don’t handshake. It keeps both you and the mover safe, and it’s okay to use other non-contact ways of greeting. Maintain reasonable distance with the drivers and the workers during loading and unloading. Keep off from helping and let the movers do it. Ensure your kids and pets are in a safe place.
  • Practice other recommended safety measures. Use more preventive measures such as wearing masks, avoid sharing food, wash hands at closer intervals, and avoid touching the face. As you keep safe, ensure the workers maintain the safety protocol.
  • Disinfect your belongings after moving to Greenville SC – Carry on with the safety measures even after reaching your destination. Disinfect all your belongings as you unpack them. Dispose of all packing items away from your home and according to your local governments’ laid measures.
Why You Should Use Moving Gurus

Most movers serving Greenville SC are reputable, take the pandemic seriously, and put measures to keep you and your loved ones safe. Some of the critical measures put in place by the companies include:

  • All-time masks and gloves.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the trucks and other essential moving equipment.
  • Providing platforms for virtual surveys instead of physical ones.
  • Abiding by the local and federal safety measures, which include social distancing and sanitizing.
  • Ensuring that there’re enough hand sanitizers in the trucks.

The moving companies maintain the above practices to ensure safety from the beginning to the end of the moving process. You only need to remain smart during the move and adhere to all guidelines.

Contact the Moving Gurus

If you plan to move during this pandemic, contact the moving gurus at Greenville SC moving company for trusted moving services. The quality local moving company will ensure that you stay safe all through the process. Contact their representative in Greenville SC and Greer SC area via (864) 636-6364.

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